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I love sunflowers, do you?

Namaste friends,

Will you please (with a lot of emphasis) allow me to take you to the world my pen has inked? A world that is not so pragmatic- an escape probably. Would you escape with me to a world that’s a little different from what you perceived it to be? Think no more, I promise you will love it!

My name is Akanksha Sharma ‘Chetna’ and I love sunflowers, sunsets, and chocolates. I’ve been scribbling poetry since I was 10 and started inking officially, in my diary at 14. And writing became my therapy since a time-not-known!

This blog is my digital diary, my safe space. Yet, I open it to you for validations and constructive criticism. It shall remain my safe space, nonetheless. I’m chuffed to bits to have you here. Happy happy happy reading!



People always want to express their ‘Words of Instinct’ but paper has more patience than words. This anthology compiled by Shraddha Jain, has been published under Heartbeat Rhythm. With 80+ writers contributing to the anthology, it has competed in top 50 of the Indian Authors Championship. We hope our words of instinct reach your hearts! – Read it here!


We generally write what we are unable to express verbally. Unsaid Writeups is one such book you would relate to. This anthology contains priceless works of 15 writers. It has been compiled by Ashima Batra and published under Forever Shinings. – Read it here!


The collection in this book will take you on a surreal trip of emotions. Compiled by Jaishree Sahu and published under Notion Press, this book features more than 60 writes from across the nation! – Read it here!


An anthology compiled by Salma Malik, contains the works of more than 40 independent writers. We hope our words breathe in your hearts and minds! – Read it here!

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