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To Hindi, in English!

I was five when I sat with Baba every morning, to recite the shlokas from Ramcharitamanas. Baba, in the most serene tone, would read out the ‘shuddh Hindi’ meaning and I absorbed the words like a sponge.

Maybe it was then that I realised how beautiful Hindi is, and how articulated it made me feel.

Or maybe it was when I wrote my first poem at 10, in Hindi.

Or maybe when I delivered my first speech in Hindi and felt the empowering adrenaline rush for quite some time.

I’m unsure as to when my naive heart successfully discovered the beauty of this language.

But ever since time unknown, Hindi has been shouldering and complimenting my emotions- be it through ink or arguments. The culture, discipline, and intellect catalysation of the language have never failed to mesmerise me.

Ironic enough, I express this love and pay my tribute in English but at the end of the day, it’s about articulation. Hindi unveiled to me, the beauty & power of articulation. And I feel empowered when I articulate well.

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