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Groans, Gratitude and God

Some incidents make me realise
how trivial my pains are
and how huge they could have been.
One day I learn
a heartbreak is so much lighter
than a breathbreak.
Another day the almighty tells me
‘two new blooms are better than one wilt’.
The next day there’s a way
compensating for the one
blocked that day.
Likewise, every moment passed
is a lesson learnt.
And with each new lesson,
I realise that
for every new wound engraved,
a better strength is infused.
I do not fail,
he doesn’t let it happen.
He has his plans,
better than I have for myself.
His light shines the brightest
even in my dark,cannopied heart.
So next time, a trouble holds my neck,
let hopelessness take a back-seat
and my little heart have
the faith,
the courage
and the hope
to get through it.
Let me be grateful for the fall
as I was for the spring.

© Akanksha

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