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The dawnings of a HEAL

Every dawn my heart longs to heal
but not even the kindest star of the moon
holds the power to cure my heart
of this cruel feel
for I feel too wordless,
too unsubtle
and at times too emotionless
to describe what obscures my mind,
each day and every night.
Death had never been so appealing
and my nerves so fatigued.
I want to rest but have I even worked yet?
The music of my heart no longer rhythms with my mind.
I’m in the middle of a stormy ocean
and I know how to swim
but my will no longer supports my limbs.
So I see myself, helplessly, being carried away
by the gravity of an unknown wave.
I find every bit of myself trampling slowly
under the heaviness of an undiagnosed disease.
the phoenix in me wants to rise
from the ashes of nothingness
and reign again.
The artist in me wants to compose
the celebration of a comeback
from the laments of a dying soul
and sing again.
And every new dawn, my heart longs
stronger than before
to heal AGAIN.

© Akanksha

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