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Phasing Love

You and I
under our sky,
driven by an interim delight
on a pink moon night
spent cheery hours
mismatching our stars.

Little did we care to know
if they’re just orbs that keep aglow.
Standing on the blurred line between love and curiosity,
We let the nature unveil to us, the plans of destiny.
As per the decree, the full moon’s force surged our ebbing emotions.
And gulping down Venus’ potions, we fell prey to Cupid’s notions.

But the moon keeps phasing and so did our love.
Not even the next full moon could coo another dove.
In my euphoria, I’d decided to make the world bow to me
Unaware of myself carrying an universe within my stree.
And no matter how intently we share our chemistry,
In the end, we are just some elements of an abandoned poetry.

© Akanksha


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